AARD 2015 –  21 November 2015 –  Programme

08:30-09:00             Registration – Pathfoot Building Crush Hall

09:00-09:05             Welcome


Session 1

09:05-09:25              ‘Multicultural trade at Somaliland and northern Mozambique: a comparative study’ – J. de Torres

09:25-09:45               ‘Origins of Scientific Forestry systems in Kenya – A historical approach’ – B. Fanstone

09:45-10:05               ‘Other Cargoes: British slave ships and the transportation of African flora, fauna and artefacts (c.1680-1807)’ – J. Webster

10:05-10:25                ‘Caves & Coastal Settlements of the East African Littoral (Zanzibar, East Kenya) in their landscape context: Geoarchaeology in the Sealinks Project’ – N. Kourampas

10.25 – 10.35               Discussion

15 Minute Break – Coffee and Biscuits

Session 2

10:50-11:10                  ‘Making and re-making the past in Uganda’ – A. Reid

11:10-11:30                  ‘The Shipwrecks of Kilwa, SE Tanzania’ – E. Pollard, R. Bates, E. Ichumbaki & C. Bita

11:30-11:50                  ‘Encounters with stone buildings in the Sahara’  – S. Leman

11.50-12.10                  ‘Cowrie Shell Trade around the Indian Ocean: Introducing the “Cowrie Shells: An Early Global Commodity” Project’ – A. Christie

12.10-12.20                   Discussion

12:20-13:00                   Keynote: ‘The history & archaeology of Atlantic trade in West Africa’ – R. Law

Buffet Lunch till 13:50

Book Stall by John Smiths’ Booksellers –

Session 3

13:50-14:10                 ‘The fifth year of the Crossroads of Empires project: New evidence from the eastern arc of the Niger river, 4th to 13th centuries AD’ – A. Haour

14:10-14:30                  ‘Recent work linking climate and societal trajectories across the Mid-Holocene in the Tigray Plateau, Ethiopia’ V.J. Terwilliger and W. P. Adderley

14:30-14:50                  ‘A different view on rock art: doing research in the African Rock Art Image Project’ – H. Anderson & J. de Torres

14:50-15.10                  ‘Funerary Landscape of the Garamantes in Fazzan, Libya’ – M.G. Rodriguez

15.10-15.20                  Discussion

20 Minute Break – Afternoon Tea

Session 4

15:40:-16:00              ‘Harlaa. A Cosmopolitan Trading Centre of Eastern Ethiopia’ – T. Insoll

16:00-16:20              ‘Archaeological Investigation in Northern Bauchi region, Northeast Nigeria’ – A.A. Giade

16:20-16:40               ‘Modelling the Engaruka system: Structure from Motion and high resolution mapping for archaeological analyses’ – T. Kabora

16:40-17.00               ‘Swahili harbour archaeology on a (kite)string’ – T. Fitton

17:00-17:20                ‘Archaeobotanical residues of resilience: new evidence for crop diversity at Engaruka, northern Tanzania’ – S. Thornton-Barnett

17.20 – 17.30              Discussion

17.40                      Closing words

Dinner at 18:30 – The Meadowpark Inn (30 m from the entrance to the University)


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